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AVA Biomedical, Inc. is a manufacturer of cutting edge laboratory animal infusion products. We provide complete, custom designed infusion systems for all species to preclinical researchers around the world. We pride ourselves on providing unique laboratory animal focused product solutions. 
We saw an unmet need by researchers to get high quality, complete infusion systems customized to their needs. AVA Biomedical provides the preclinical researcher with unique solutions, utilizing the latest technologies in a highly responsive fashion. We strive to continually set the bar for innovative devices such as the Cath-In-Cath 2™ port infusion system.
We pioneered technology such as WIFI and Zigbee remote infusion pump monitoring, Cath-In-Cath ports, tapered catheters, co-extrudded catheters and modular rodent harness systems.
We utilize the latest and highest quality materials from around the world to bring you the finest laboratory animal infusion products available.
AVA Biomedical has developed strategic relationships with other industry leaders, which allows us to package together proven products for long-term infusion in species ranging from mice to bovines. 
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