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AVA CMS 6000 Ambulatory

Multi-Therapy Pump


The 6000 Ambulatory Infusion Pump is a small, very versatile pump (PCA, Continuous, Intermittent, Variable, Sub Q, TPN) that is ideally suited for ambulatory infusions in larger laboratory animals such as >3 Kg primates, Dogs, and Swine. In addition, this pump is also ideal for smaller species in a tethered model.


In addition, the 6000 can utilize the AVA WIFI™ and Zigbee™ telemetry system that can remotely monitor 253 pumps per PC computer. The 6000 has flow rates from 0.1ml to 400ml an hour and unmatched resolution of flow that is 25 times better than competitive pumps. In addition, the 6000 is considerably less expensive to own and operate compared to other ambulatory infusion pumps.

Size                             5.1” x 4.0” x 2.5”

Weight                        17.5 oz

Disposable                   Dedicated Administration Sets

Volume Limits               1 ml to 9999 ml

KVO Rates                    0.0 to 10 ml/hr

Power Sources             2 “C” Alkaline batteries,

                                   AC and External Rechargeable Battery Pack Operating Time

                                  (Full Charge Batteries) Nominal 10hrs at 400ml/hr;

                                   Nominal 30 hrs at 125ml/hr

                                   Nominal 85 hrs at 2ml/hr;

Alarms                          Infusion Complete; Air-In-Line; High Upstream Pressure;                                         Downstream Occlusion; Occlusion Upstream; Door Open;

                                   Set Not Installed; Unattended Pump; Replace Set; Empty Battery Alerts                Alert Messages Help the User in Correct Operations

Flow Accuracy              ± 6%

Data Storage                The selected data (6000 Events) are automatically Stored

Pumping Mechanism     Curvilinear Peristaltic Pumping Action

Additional Comments     Real-time Clock; Delayed Start ; On -Screen Hourly Totals;                                       Data Interface Port; Printable History; PDA/Computer                                             Programming; Context Sensitive Help Screens

Cat. No. AB340-6000

System Specifications 6000 Five Therapy Infusion Pump

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