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AVA ST DL Dual Syringe Wireless Infusion Pump


The AVA ST DL dual stationary syringe infusion pump is ideal for rodent tethered applications. This infusion pump has features found on infusion pumps costing five times more. The ST DL is two pumps in one not simply a two syringe pump, it has two separate microprocessor controled pump that work in unison.


The ST DL has the ability to infuse saline with one syringe, then switch over to your compound at a specified time. When your infusion is complete the saline syringe will begin pumping again.


The ST DL has a dedicated monitoring device that can wirelessly give you updated infusion data for up to 50 pumps per module. There is a dedicated handheld monitor that can be carried by on-call staff to constantly monitor your infusion.


The AVA ST DL can automatically calculate infusion rates based on concentrations and animal weights.  

Size                                 320mm x 200mm x 110 mm Weight 28oz

Reservoir Type                  Standard Disposable Plastic Syringes, 5,10,20,30,50ml Administration Volumes      From .1ml/hr to 1500ml/hr with increments of 1 ml

Priming                            Available only at the beginning of an infusion or partial                                              infusion, The maximum deliverable volume is 1.5 ml with 0.5                                        ml increments

Flow Rate                         Programable from 100 to 1500 µl/h 100 µl/h increments.                                             The flow rate can be programmed to 0.1 ml.

Bolus Dose                       Programmable from 100ml to 1500ml/hr

Flow Accuracy                  ± 3% (upto ±1% after calibration)

Delivery Modes                 Rate, Time, Body Weight and Link

Data Storage                    The selected data are automatically stored in the pump                                               memory and they are not lost when battery is removed Motor                               DC coreless motor microprocessor controlled Wireless Communication                 Zigbee™ Wireless Built-In

System Specifications AVA ST DL Dual Syringe Infusion Pump

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