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AVA Biomedical has released the newly developed FastTether 2™ Rodent Infusion System. The FastTether2  system is designed to save time and money.  The modular design of the Catheter Connector Housing can utilize traditional rodent jackets, harnesses, luer based infusion systems, ports, standard tether lines or dual channel in a single device.    


The FastTether2 system features (disposable) male and female luer fittings, needleless valves, positive pressure valves, and injection caps for easy connection and disconnection.  There is no need to discard the entire harness or jacket system when contaminated, simply replace the injection connection. 


The FastTether2 system utilizes Invision-Plus®  Neutral® technology to prevent any inadvertant flow into the catheter when connecting a syringe or tether-line. The Invision-Plus®  Neutral® Nano™ provides the the antimicrobial protection of Chlorhexidine-Silver to help prevent infections in your catheters.


In addition, the various injection connections feature the CoilConnect connector designed to keep your catheters in place. 


The dual luer swivels features high quality Lomir Biomedical mechanisms with universal swivel mounts built in. Please contact us with your custom requirements and we will design a system to your specifications.


• Modular Design

• Uses Standard Luer Connections (no special needles)

• Replaceable Needleless Injection sites

• CoilConnect™ Torque reducing  polymer connector

• Very Cost Effective

• FastTether Cath-In-Cath 2™Port System

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