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AVA Biomedical has a variety of non-coring needles and catheter connectors for use with ports and external catheters. Our needleless connectors allow for safer, closed connections of catheters, needles and Huber infusion sets.



AVA Biomedical manufactures a variety of extension sets specifically designed for laboratory animal researchers. All extension sets are not the same, most extension sets available for clinical, preclinical or veterinary use are maufactured with standard PVC laboratory tubing. All AVA Biomedical extension sets are manufactured with ultra compatible CoExtrudded NON-DEHP and PE Lined tubing with internal diameters that promote optimal flow/dead space ratios.


In addition, we use the highest quality luers available. We can make sure you have an extension set that is 100% compatible with your compound. The use of closed lines can reduce infection and improve patency.



AVA Biomedical has a variety of non-coring needles, coextrudded low volume extension sets, needleless luer connectors and much more.  



AVA Biomedical is an authorized distributor of the Lomir Biomedical product line. We have customized jacket configurations that have been optimized for our infusion pumps, ports and catheters. We have specially designed pockets that provide added protection for the infusion pumps and optimize the position and dimensions of the pockets.

Stub Adaptors
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