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AVA Biomedical has a variety of specialized catheters designed specifically for preclinical

infusion and sampling models. We can customize these designs to you specifications.

We have over 18 years of custom catheter development and have created 

catheters for almost all applications and species.  We can save you time and 

frustration by letting you know what works and what doesn’t. 



The AVA CSFCath™ These catheters utilize our TaperCath polyurethane with a specially designed 

sealing/anchoring system and can be used with our without our Cath-In-Cath2 ports. Rodent

Catheter sizes also available.




The AVA SubQ™ subcutaneous catheters are designed to provide you with optimal fluid delivery 

into the subcutaneous tissue. We utilized designs that allow for prolonged, site specific delivery.




AVA DuoCaths™ are made from implant grade silicone and feature either a slit valve or “burp” valve

with a specially designed sealing/anchoring system.




The AVA BileCath™ Polyurethane T-Tube Occluder System is ideal for the collection of bile

in primates, dogs and swine. The system allows for positive occlusion and total collection 

of fluid without the worry of overpressuring the balloon. 


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