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AVA Biomedical has a unique line of specialty mouse catheters designed to address issues associated with long-term catheterization in mice.  All of our catheters are manufactured with the same thermoplastic polyurethane material as human catheters so you have continuity of materials between species. 


The MouseCath™  polyurethane catheters utilize a stepped design to allow for small flexible catheter tips and thicker wall more manageable tubing at the exit site.  



Mouse Catheter

The MouseCath features solvent polished tip to allows for vessel friendly insertion of the catheter tip and the proximal end of the catheter has maximum wall thickness to decrease the likelihood of kinking.  This thicker wall proximal end allows for easier connection to ports, stub adaptors and tethers.  



• Solvent Polished Tip

• Large ID/OD Ratio

• Smooth Polyurethane ID / OD
• Kink Resistant


CAT. NO.    MATERIAL     SIZES                                           LENGTH       BEADS      

MJC1 P       Polyurethane  1FR  0.23mm (tip) 0.41mm-0.64mm 15cm           1 & 1.5cm from tip

MJC1 S       Silicone          1FR 0.23mm (tip) 0.41mm-0.64mm   15cm          1 & 1.5cm from tip

MJC2 P       Polyurethane  1FR 0.46mm (tip) 0.41mm-0.89mm   15cm          1 & 1.5cm from tip

MJF1 P       Polyurethane   1FR 0.23mm(tip) 0.41mm-0.64mm    15cm         1 & 1.5cm from tip

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