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CATH-IN-CATH 2  Titanium Portal


The unique features of this port include: very low volume, low profile, superior needle/infusion set retention, the ability to restore bidirectional patency, etc. This port system has been utilized for multiple species, vessels and applications. The truly unique feature of these portals is the ability to pass a special kink resistant Cath-In-Cath™ infusion catheter through the port and into the vessel catheter.


The Cath-In-Cath catheters along with the specially designed tapered catheters or the Compati-Cath™ co-extrudded TPU/PE catheters provide the most secure and versatile infusion set to port connection available. The flexible cannula does much less damage to the port site and does not require extensive wrapping like a conventional needle and port connection. The Cath-In-Cath 2 Ports™ can also utilize standard non-coring needles when desired.


With the Cath-In-Cath 2 you have the ability to utilize several gauge sizes and materials with the internal catheters, not just one. The linear design allows for advancing; flow probes, temperature probes, guide wires and other catheter materials into the guide catheter. Simply put, the Cath-In-Cath 2™ port system will replace all of your port needs.



The AVA Cath-In-Cath 2 Port System™ is a unique access port and access system developed exclusively for preclinical researchers. Our port system utilizes features researchers have wanted for years but have been unavailable in a single device. 

• Ultra low volume system

• Flexible Cath-In-Cath™ set helps prevent disconnect

• Ability to clear obstructions with guide-wire

• Uses 19ga, 22ga, and 24ga CIC infusion sets

• Very low profile



Accessing the system is easy as 1, 2, 3

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