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AVA Curlin 6000 Multi-Therapy Ambulatory


The 6000 Ambulatory Infusion Pump is a small, very versatile pump (PCA, Continuous, Intermittent, Variable, Sub Q, TPN) that is ideally suited for ambulatory infusions in larger laboratory animals such as >3 Kg primates, Dogs, and Swine. In addition, this pump is also ideal for smaller species in a tethered model. In addition, the 6000 can utilize the AVA WIFI™ and Zigbee™ telemetry system that can remotely monitor 253 pumps per PC computer.

AVA infusion Pump



AVA Biomedical has searched the entire planet for the optimal infusion pump systems for labaoratory animal researchers. We have a full line of ambulatory and tetherd infusion pumps ar all applications and budgets. We offer unique solutions that are optimized for the researchers needs.


Our approach to laboratory animal infusion is unique in that we focus on three pump systems that can cover all of 95% of our customers infusion pump needs.

AVA Wireless Pump

AVA ST DL Dual Stationary Wireless Syringe Pump

The AVA ST DL dual stationary syringe infusion pump is ideal for rodent tethered applications. This infusion pump has features found on infusion pumps costing five times more. The ST DL is two pumps in one not simply a two syringe pump, it has two separate microprocessor controled pumps that work in unison. The ST DL has the ability to infuse saline with one syringe, then switch over to your compound at a specified time. When your infusion is complete the saline syringe will begin pumping again.

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